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Avocado Hair Mask DIY

Avocado Hair Mask DIY

This is a universal hair mask that is perfect for all hair types whether you have fine or coarse hair!


The avocado hydrates hair, soothes the scalp, and prevents dandruff

Honey protects the roots while sealing moisture into the hair

Extra virgin olive oil has antioxidants that promote a healthy scalp and new hair growth

Greek yogurt has proteins and vitamins that help repair and strengthen hair

SO here is the how to, the down low, the DIY…

Place all these ingredients in a blender:

  1. One whole avocado

  2. One heaping Tablespoon of Greek yogurt

  3. One Tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (if your hair is SUPER fine, then just add one teaspoon instead)

  4. Two-three Tablespoons of honey

BLEND and apply!

Comb through your hair to make sure the mask is covering every inch of your pretty mane. And massage the mixture into your scalp. You can put a shower cap on while you sit. Leave the mask on for 30 min, aka watch an episode of your favourite show, rinse out, and follow through with your regular hair routine. (I mean, shampoo and condition your hair.) Watch my how-to video by clicking Avocado.

That’s it!

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