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Community | Better Together: Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries, Vol. VI

Community | Better Together: Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries, Vol. VI


Do you remember dipping carrots and celery sticks into peanut butter while blabbering about books and boys and crafts? Ya, we were way into DIY before it became a “thing.” We were that cool 😜

Do you remember the day I showed up at your house, fighting back tears, because of a blow up with my new husband and my marriage was “falling apart?” You held my weeping shoulders, my blubberous disposition, and assured me that I am and my marriage is perfectly normal.

Or the night when our newborn baby had a poo explosion, a giant Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario sized poopy affair? And of course, being new parents in desperation, we changed our fece covered bundle of joy on your dining room table.

Do you remember the countless mornings we sat with dark circles under our eyes, hair unruly, sharing the woes and triumphs of motherhood over a cup of coffee while our little ones crawled and ran and gurgled and cried?


Every Friday night hang out when the men cook the food, the woman drink the wine, and the children run like wild, I am reminded how blessed I truly am. So blessed that I would look forward to something so simple all week, because I have friends I can rely on, who I don’t have to put anything on for, friends who make life sweeter.


The topic of community comes in such timely manner that in writing this I’m trying to hold back my tears. My husband and I just purchased our first house. And believe me when I say it is a dream becoming a reality for us. The move will be bittersweet, however, because we are moving to a new city.

Though no one could ever accuse me of being dramatic 😜 I guess it is only one hour away from where we are currently, but an hour is far enough. It’s far enough that Noah’s school will be new and his friends will be new and we will be in a new community with its own quarks and amusements. New chapters are full of adventure and excitement, but they are also unknown and so … a little scary.

Although I am sad, I know I will find a community to be a part of. I know that everywhere in every city, there are likeminded mothers. I remember when I first came to Toronto I was nervous and uncomfortable. But I stepped out of my comfort zone, and now I can honestly say I have the most dear friends I will have for life. This new city can be the same for me too, if I give it a chance. I know it will.


After some inner turmoil, we finally decided moving was the right decision. We believe that the most important “things” you have in life are the relationships you have. Good relationships make you truly rich. And although I wanted to be as close to my friends as possible, I realized the very most important relationships in my life right now are my sons and husband, our little tribe. And we felt this move would benefit us as a family.


I want to end this post in tribute to my community now. To the people in my life who never give up on me. Who supported me through the case of “who’s not doing their dishes,” boy problems that turned into marriage problems 😜, sleepless nights, and screaming toddlers.

We never did any favours for each other because no one ever owed anything to anyone. Instead we help, we listen, we give, we love. True love and true friendship don’t come at a price. They’re given freely.

You know who you are, my dearest friends. I want to thank you, thanks without end.


Ps. We won’t say goodbye, because you’ll be bringing your booties over to our house for lots of visits!

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